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Sunken Bridge//Upper Elk Creek

Sunken Bridge//Upper Elk Creek

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From Wild Horse Inn, take CR 83 to Hwy 40 and head into Fraser.  At the light, turn right and head up CR 72 (Elk Creek Road) for several miles, passing through a small farm, and to a large parking area at the intersection with Chainsaw Trail.  Start your ride by cruising up Elk Creek Road for about 1 mile until you see the sign for Sunken Bridge Trail on your right.  Turn right here and continue through the meadow over the bridge and begin a two track climb. At the top of the climb you will intersect FS 159.  Turn left on the road and go south to Upper Elk Creek.  (NOTE that you want to go to the second Upper Elk Creek, not the one across from Sunken Bridge Trail.)

Turn right onto Upper Elk Creek. Continue to the right at the next intersection, and at the top of a short climb intersect a road that enters from the right side. Turn right here. This is sometimes not marked as the sign is stolen often.  After a good climb you will reach a two-way intersection where you will make a sharp right. Continue to climb, bypassing the next intersection.  At the top of a rocky area turn right. The fun begins again as you descend back to FS 159.  You will intersect the road immediately across from Sunken Bridge.  Retrace your ride back to the parking area.

Guest Review:

“This trail can be marshy in the early season.  Get the beta on trail conditions before you head out if you visit before the middle of June or so.”  

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