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Silvercreek/Wade’s World

Silvercreek/Wade’s World

Note:  This trail is not on the map.  Ask John or Chris for more information. 

Named after the ski area of Silvercreek, and locally known as Wade’s World after local trail builder extraordinaire, Wade Wilderman, this is an area not on the maps.

From the Inn, drive down CR 83 to Hwy 40.  Turn right and go approximately 3 miles to the intersection with 85/87.  Turn right and stay straight on the main dirt road (85) that climbs past a neighborhood.  If you get onto pavement at all, you’re on the wrong road.  Park in the lot at the deadend.  

Ride the wide track down the hill – watch out for the steel cable near the bottom – go around it to the right.  Just after crossing the creek go left up the steep singletrack climb.  The trail then levels out and rolls across the shoulder of the hill.  Bypass all other trail junctions – which are unmarked anyway.  Approximately .75 miles along, come to a rock outcropping where you have a very technical section that drops you into a drainage.  Get off your bike and check out the move before you drop in – seriously.  Climb out of the drainage and ride the rolling singletrack through the forest and out into the sagebrush, then back into the forest where the trail climbs technically to meet a dirt road.  At this intersection turn right on the road and follow it for about ½ mile where you will see an open logged area on your right. There is a distinct unmarked singletrack to the right of this area.  Follow this super fun twisty downhill back to the rock outcropping where it meets the main trail again.  Turn left and retrace your tracks back to the parking lot.

Guest Review:

“This area contains some of the best twisty turny singletrack anywhere.  It also melts out earlier than other areas because it has great sun exposure and good drainage.  There are miles and miles of trails out here to explore and you can access the Sol Vista Bike Park from the main dirt road too.”

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