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Phases/Hurd Peak Loop

Phases/Hurd Peak Loop

Note:  This trail is not on the map.  Ask John or Chris for more information. 

From the Inn, ride CR 83 toward Hwy 40.  Take the sweeping right hand bend before you reach the highway.  Continue approximately ½ mile to the end of the pavement where you will turn left onto Strawberry Road.  Climb Strawberry Road for a just under a mile, turn right onto Hurd Peak Road, just beyond a large parking turnout. 

Follow Hurd Peak Road as you climb to the top, staying on the main road and bypassing all other unmarked roads.  Take in the amazing views of the valley and the mountains as you make you way up. 

The climb ends at a hunter’s camp.  Just beyond the rock fire ring turn left onto the single track trail.  This is an unmarked single track, and is known locally as Phase.75.  Ride until you come to a road crossing, and continue down the single track after crossing the road.  You will do this one more time, and then you’ll be on the final section to the bottom.  You will exit onto Strawberry Road and make a left down the hill.  Retrace your ride back to the Inn.

Guest Review:

Further exploration of this area can be really rewarding – the trails are not on the maps and they are extensive, so be prepared for an adventure and bring extra food.  I’ve seen several mountain lions, moose, elk and even a big horn sheep in this area, so keep your head up and stay aware!

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