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High Lonesome Trail Big Loop

High Lonesome Trail Big Loop

Note:  This trail is not on the map.  Ask John or Chris for more information. 

From the Inn, ride down CR 83 toward Hwy 40.  Take the sweeping right hand bend before you reach the highway.  This road turns into CR 84 and is marked to Meadowcreek Reservoir.  Continue up the road, bypassing CR 841.  Stay on this road to the Reservoir and beyond to Junco Lake Trailhead.  This trailhead is about 11.5 miles ride from the Inn.  At the trailhead find the sign for High Lonesome Trail, which heads south, and follow this across the creek.  Stay on this trail for approximately 6 miles when you will intersect the Devil’s Thumb trail.  Go right and make your way to the Devil’s Thumb trailhead and out to the road.  From here you have two options:

Option 1:  Turn left onto the road.  When you reach the intersection, stay to the right and head downhill.  This road is County Road 8, which you follow down until you reach Highway 40.  Turn right on 40 and ride about 3 miles to CR 83, make a right, and ride 1.5 more miles back to the Inn.  This loop is approximately 32 miles or so. 

Option 2:  Turn right onto the road.  Go about 9 miles along the rollercoaster road until it intersects with CR 84.  Turn left on CR 84 and bomb down the hill, retracing your ride back to the Inn.  This loop is approximately 30 miles. 


Guest Review:

“This ride includes one of the most scenic and technically challenging pieces of singletrack in the area.  It’s a long day that includes a lot of pedaling on dirt roads and a little pavement.  When Christoph Sauser stayed at the Inn he did this ride in about 3 hours 10 minutes – including 2 flats.  Mere mortals should plan 4-6 hours.”

John’s Take

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30 miles
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