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Buck Creek/Broken Thumb Loop

Buck Creek/Broken Thumb Loop

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From Wild Horse Inn, take CR 83 to Hwy 40 and go into Winter Park.  Park in town and start your ride on the Fraser River Trail heading to the Winter Park Resort.  Turn right on Trademark Drive, then left onto Hwy 40.  Cross 40 and get onto the Lakota Trail.  Turn right on Arrow Trail and follow it to FS 128, a dirt road also known as The Water Board Road.  Turn right on FS 128.  Look for Buck Creek Road on your left.  Find this old logging road by locating a metal gate – the road is not marked.  Turn left and go around the gate. 

After a solid climb, follow the road to your left at the next intersection.  This will bring you directly to Corona Pass Road.  Turn right onto Corona Pass Road, then make an immediate left.  You will see a road sign on your left.  This is Broken Thumb.  Turn left.

At the next intersection by a pond and old cabin, continue to the right along a rocky double track section.  Turn left onto the next single track.  You will intersect FS 128 again and turn left.  Follow this back to Lakota and retrace your ride back to town.

Guest Review:

“The Broken Thumb descent is fun on a stick….just wish it was twice as long.  Watch your speed – it’s super techy.”

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13.9 miles
skill This biking Trail is Intermediate Plus
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