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With more than 600 miles of trails, it’s just natural to call Winter Park and the Fraser Valley area the Mountain Bike Capital of the USA!

From the friendliest ride for beginners, to technical epic trails, to bike park skill testers, there is something for all riding abilities just minutes from Wild Horse Inn. The trails here are one of the main reasons John and Chris moved to the area, and they are happy to share their trail knowledge with you during your stay. Wild Horse Inn is perfectly located to take advantage of all the mountain biking you can dream up. 

Use our guide and trail descriptions to start planning your trip – some of the trails detailed here aren’t even on the maps! Get John’s take on the trails for the inside scoop. And once you arrive at the Inn, we have maps and guidebooks for you to look over. We can also help you with where to go for bike rentals and gear.

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Biking Trail Guide

Fraser River Trail

One of the nicest easier rides in the area, this trail is great for families and beginners.

“This ride is a pleasure cruise – my favorite part is the dirt trail behind Safeway.   It is serene next to the river and you’d never know the highway was so nearby.”

John's Take

Givelo/Northwest Passage

This is an easy singletrack with big mountain views, and is a feeder trail to many of the harder rides.

“A good ride for beginning mountain bikers as it is all single track but never overtly challenging. A short but satisfying ride!”

John's Take

Serenity/Blue Sky/Ice Hill Loop

This trail has a great mix of terrain - bike path, singletrack and hill climbing all in one.

“One option is to take Chickadee Trail down instead of staying on Tunnel Hill Road.  This is a technical descent – short and sweet.  When you dump off of Chickadee you are back on Little Vasquez and you can cruise back into town.”

John's Take

Phases/Hurd Peak Loop

A favorite of locals, but not well known otherwise.  Have fun!

Further exploration of this area can be really rewarding – the trails are not on the maps and they are extensive, so be prepared for an adventure and bring extra food.  I’ve seen several mountain lions, moose, elk and even a big horn sheep in this area, so keep your head up and stay aware!

John's Take

High Lonesome Hut/Strawberry Creek Trail Lollipop

A beautiful trail that feels more remote than it is.

“Best ridden late June – October because it can be super muddy when wet.   Likely this will be your own private trail as this route is not well known and is not ridden very much.  It’s really high quality riding, not super technical, but totally satisfying and feels remote.”   

John's Take

Creekside/Flume Loop

One of the most popular trails in the area - and well-deserved!  This is also a feeder trail to many other great rides.

“Even though this trail doesn’t have a lot of climbing, it does require intermediate riding skills as the terrain is varied and can be challenging in spots.  Bella Dog has scared up more than a few moose back here, so don’t forget to look around!”

John's Take

Tipperary Race Course

This ride is famous for a good reason - it is fantastically beautiful and covers a lot of terrain.

25.8 miles skill This biking Trail is Intermediate Plus Click Here for Trail Details

“Velonews puts this ride in the top 5 race courses in the world.  Nice!  But both Chris and I would have rated this ride as Advanced vs. Intermediate + as shown on the bike map.  Just for distance alone it’s an advanced ride in our opinion.”

John's Take

Sunken Bridge//Upper Elk Creek

This trail offers a variety of conditions and takes you into areas where you have a good chance to see wildlife.

11.7 miles skill This biking Trail is Intermediate Plus Click Here for Trail Details

“This trail can be marshy in the early season.  Get the beta on trail conditions before you head out if you visit before the middle of June or so.”  

John's Take

Flume/Zoom/Chainsaw Loop

A great ride that combines forests, dirt roads, rivers and a fast technical downhill stretch.

“An area classic. Good quality climbing, technical descending and zippy switchbacks.  Rides equally great in either direction.”

John’s Take

Buck Creek/Broken Thumb Loop

Tough, technical and fun for more advanced riders.

13.9 miles skill This biking Trail is Intermediate Plus Click Here for Trail Details

“The Broken Thumb descent is fun on a stick….just wish it was twice as long.  Watch your speed – it’s super techy.”

John’s Take

Silvercreek/Wade’s World

A favorite of local riders and not on the maps.

“This area contains some of the best twisty turny singletrack anywhere.  It also melts out earlier than other areas because it has great sun exposure and good drainage.  There are miles and miles of trails out here to explore and you can access the Sol Vista Bike Park from the main dirt road too.”

John’s Take

High Lonesome Trail Big Loop

Incredible views, lots of climbing and a grand tour of the area.  One great long ride!

“This ride includes one of the most scenic and technically challenging pieces of singletrack in the area.  It’s a long day that includes a lot of pedaling on dirt roads and a little pavement.  When Christoph Sauser stayed at the Inn he did this ride in about 3 hours 10 minutes – including 2 flats.  Mere mortals should plan 4-6 hours.”

John’s Take

Bike Granby Ranch

Bike Granby Ranch offers a great mountain biking program and multi-use bike park with some of the most respected pros and instructors around.

13.2 miles skill This biking Trail is Advanced Click Here for Trail Details

Trestle Bike Park

Trestle Bike Park is growing fast, offering three lifts, demos, rentals, instruction and racing.  

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