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If you have said the word wedding in Grand Lake Colorado in the last 40 years – you have heard of Bob Scott.  Bob Scott set the bar for weddings very high in Grand Lake with his decades of fantastic and flawless events at the Grand Lake Lodge.   So when we received this note from Mr. Scott himself – we were honored.

Dear Chris,

 The recent weddings at the Yacht Club have been so wonderful and I want you to know how much I admire your work and dedication.  Thanks for everything that you do to make each bride’s event such a special, well-choreographed production.  I am beginning to have calls from brides around the country concerning next summer and beyond.  I will be referring them to you.  

 Best wishes for continued success from one who admires you so much, 

 Bob Scott”

In honor of Bob, we look forward to exceeding all of our brides expectations for this summer and the summers to come.

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