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Wild Horse Catering | Green Chile Recipe
Wild Horse Catering | Green Chile Recipe


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Here at the Wild Horse – we are constantly asked to share some of our favorite recipes. I could not think of a better Colorado mountain recipe to start with other than GREEN CHILE!




pork meat
1/2 ea onion
2T garlic
1T cumin
1T oregano
1T chili powder
1t black pepper
3 pints chicken stock*
1 tub frozen green chiles
3 ea poblano chiles
1 ea jalapeno chiles
1 cup roast red peppers
2 cup tomatillos
1/4 cup cilantro
1 cup masa
to taste salt
1 pint stock
  **or 20 oz roasted and cleaned
  *if available, use pork stock as well
brown pork in batches
drain fat, leaving 2 T for sauteing
saute onion and garlic until translucent
add spices and cook 1 minute
add remaining ingredients except masa and pint of stock
simmer 20 minutes
make a slurry with masa and cold water to make a smooth paste
add slurry to stew and whisk until thoroughly incorporated.
simmer 5 minutes stirring frequently
turn off heat


Wild Horse Catering | Green Chile Recipe

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